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OT: really long post filling in the ?'s (was and still sorta is Re: Semi-OT: More on charsets)

From:nicole dobrowolski <fuzzybluemonkeys@...>
Date:Monday, January 21, 2002, 15:20
---froge sionk Chris Palmer...
> From nicole's signature: > > <shnip lots of fuzzy blue monkey translations> > > > Does this look right in anyone's mailer? It has >7b characters > (which got converted to ?s) in it and some HTML character > entities, <shnip> > It's a shame it gets so mangled in transit, because I > want to see everyone's nifty orthographies and transliterations.
shmerf... sorry about that... it always comes through fine for me and i can't do the a umlaut=a: thing because "Your Signature cannot have more than seven lines, and must be 600 characters or less." (pokatra uthro debeth... stinky yahoo monkeys...) and yes i could use procmail or something like that but i really don't feel like it... so if you'd like to know what the question marks are and which languages they're from... we invite you to relax, let us pull up a chair, as the dining room proudly presents: your dinner (um...yeah...anyway...): narethanaal (by me:)) shmuli atae muhnkia Eloshtan (by Josh Roth) jiqek qelek nimmekel Swedish Luddiga blå apor that should be an a with a hollow circle above it (the last letter of the second word) German flauschige blaue Affen Eta`bnanni (by Tristan Alexander McLeay) to`difai ko`wainG MANgKIWi with ` symbolizing the acute (even though it's not acute... i also didn't want to use an apostrophe because some people used those in thier translations so they might be supposed to be apostrophes) Carashan (by Dan Jones) me^ndos e^zoros faffalos Tir'elhat (by Herman Miller) khami zhaftami nuri xhan Ke`len (by Sylvia Sotomayor) jasa`nni ju`n~i jakihe`n~n~i Irish Moncaithe gorma clu`mhacha Lrahran (by Adam Walker) Monhyey ngonul hweyaru ryehyumeru Scottish Gaelic muncaidhean gorma molach ramyo (by Muke Tever) jhachtaraadkimyo Spanish monos peludos azules Russian (i think... it is for unkown reasons not on my list...) pushistye sinie obeýiany Ge`arthnuns (by laokou) zc,i`nesfersaup su:li`raup bo:fparaup c, indicating a hook on the c Polish ke,dzierzawe niebieskie mal-py l- being the l with the line through it that sounds like a /w/ Hungarian cirmos ke'k majmok (it's entirely possible that the apostrophe in ke'k is supposed to be an acute marking... for most of them i just copied and pasted from the original post) Lego (by czHANg, One-of-Many Avatars of Sun WuKong, a.k.a. "Monkey," a.k.a. "TricksterGod of the Han Chinese"... Agent Provocateur of/for the Dark Gods of Creative Chaos) fuzzi serule mini-primate Ere:tas (by Keith Gaughan) Hla:sso:bonakka:a Jona:je: Dutch pluizige blauwe aapjes Tunu (by Mathias [Kala Tunu]) menomeno yanubi wayanoso _______ (presently unnamed language by "The Aquamarine Demon" monka`ti` kosipi eyoh Portuguese macacos nebulosos azuis Ukranian pukhnasti blakytni mavpy Danish lådne blå aber a's in ladne and bla should have a little hollow circle above them and two other conlang translations that won't fit (though i've been thinking about perhaps ditching some natlangs to fit them...) Skerre (by Doug Ball) sisinios aska atekuir though this is outdated because /u/ has since been removed from the language... Chazhsu (by Tristan Alexander McLeay [future ruler of the world ;p]) xuhazhnongi xuxjanjinjisju xonqigawa --- froge sionk Tristan Alexander McLeay...
> <shnip> in nicole's posts)<shnip shnip> > In nicole's posts <and shniip some more>
selia! no capital letters! (in my name) hell yeah! ...nicole ===== shmuli atae muhnkia-jiqek qelek nimmekel-Luddiga blå apor-flauschige blaue Affen-tódifai kówainG MANgKIWi-mêndos êzoros faffalos-khami zhaftami nuri xhan-jasánni júñi jakihéññi-Moncaithe gorma clúmhacha-Monhyey ngonul hweyaru ryehyumeru-muncaidhean gorma molach-jhachtaraadkimyo-monos peludos azules-pushistye sinie obe&#380;iany-zçínesfersaup sülíraup böfparaup-k&#281;dzierzawe niebieskie ma&#322;py-cirmos ke'k majmok-fuzzi serule mini-primate-Hlässöbonakkäa Jonäjë-pluizige blauwe aapjes-menomeno yanubi wayanoso-monkátí kosipi eyoh-macacos nebulosos azuis-pukhnasti blakytni mavpy-lådne blå aber __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Send FREE video emails in Yahoo! Mail!


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