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Re: OT realpolitik (wazRe: Cornomerus, if you're going to criticize what I've written - and you have a couple good points - I would appreciate more than that

From:Costentin Cornomorus <elemtilas@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 17, 2003, 3:40
--- J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>

> >HERE, they dón't matter. HERE we are > conlangers. > >HERE we are interested in how we construct > >languages and their cultures. > > Hear hear! Of course one can be > "subversive" about politics > and create a conlang &/or conculture with any > kind of socio-political > worldview... And that is quite fun and a > challenge...
Absolutely! And this (and especially conculture) are proper venues for such! A challenge especially for those of us whose eyes water at the thought of politics. Personally, I'd rather have teeth pulled than do politics. But I did have some fun playing the part of the Floridian dicator in Ill Bethisad early the year.
> In the past we on the List have had an Axis > (German-Japanese-Italian) > conlang idea that had a neo-Fascistic > worldview... > My g0miileg0 is a > "Neo-Futurist/Konstruktivist/Dada" conlang (a > more > specifically a polyglot _mangalang_ of > Greco-Latinate, Novial, Japanese, Sanskrit, > Pidgin English and Creole languages - i.e. > Bislama; Dutch, Finnish, etc.) > with a decidedly "libertarian socialist" > worldview (conservative militant > Anarchist a la Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Piotr > Kropotkin, Mikel Bakunin, Ba Jin, Hugo > Ball, Wassily Kandinsky, Nestor Makhno, Thomas > Merton & William S. Burroughs).
Heaven defend the poor country you ever inflict g0miileg0 upon! ;)))
> > Believe you me, > >there are enough French and Germans and > >miscelaneous others here for any politically > >active Merkins to go all postal on. > > Too true. Even the small faction of us here > who are "libertarian > socialists" (radical Greens to > Anarcho-Communists) have major arguements about > trusting - or not trusting - social/cultural > change to the masses and the so-call > _lumpenproletariat_... with the nasty charges > of "intellectual class elitistism" > and "bleedin'hearted bourgeois liberalism" > being tossed like over-ripe grenades.
> >We could turn > >this place into a political flamefest royale, > if > >we wanted to. No thank you, we don't want any. > > Hear hear! Besides my abestos suit from my > Auxlanging days is sorely outta date...
Well, I told thee langsyne, get that new auxPrufe Industries coat! It's very comfy and can withstand a tetradirectional blastoflame for more than six hours and is quite resistant to Godwin Bombs and Throckmorton Incisorisors. Tha'd do well to invest in one!
> and it took a very hard battering from my > highly > ill-advised excursion into the uber-fanatically > on-line world of _Star Trek vs. > Star Wars_...
Ah, charatheck et vrazeor! You could have survived there for any length of time in an auxPrufe coat!
> >Nice? > > *gRRR-ssssnaRRRL-ssssPpPuTTTTeRRR!* Frik > _nice_!!! ;)
Well, tha knows what they say: "higgledepiggledy two by two, she didn't know what she should do, holidyfolidy, doon the loo!" Padraic. -- She stuck the knife in the baby's head Weela weela wallia The more she stabbed it the more it bled Down by the river Salia -- ===== la cieurgeourea provoer mal trasfu ast meiyoer ke 'l andrext ben trasfu. -- Ill Bethisad -- <> Come visit The World! -- <> .