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Re: Undershirt

From:Melissa Phong <melissap@...>
Date:Friday, December 3, 1999, 21:24
Quoth Melissa Phong:
>> Just to clarify, for those that are still confused. Nobody actually wear=
>> these anymore, (except my grandfather) at least not where I'm from. >> (Northwestern U.S.)
>A lot of people don't wear them, but a lot of people do. Personally, >I'm so used to having a t-shirt/undershirt on that I *always* wear one;
>Forced to speculate, I'd say that wearing t-shirts or undershirts is >more common in areas like New England and the northern midwest, where >one is likely to encounter a range of temperatures through the day, >often unpredictably, and thus need to have a range of layers to deal >with it.
Sounds reasonable. Around here sometimes it seems like our only seasons=20 are Rain and August, which cuts down on unpredictable weather changes.
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