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Tech vowels and umlaut

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Monday, April 7, 2003, 1:01
Okay, I got consonants done after literally years of bellyaching. I'm also
sure of vowels, except I'm wondering about V+j and V+w sequences and how
they are reflexed -- the so-called "umlaut" vowels.

First, there are six basic vowels in Tech, all short

i @ u
E a O

The two rows are "high-grade" and "low-grade" ablauts of three original
phonemes, which are the core vowels of lexical roots of the form CVC(C) and
particles which are CV.

These vowels are subject to reduction to either a colored schwa (in the case
of laryngeals) or zero with residual palatization or labialization of the
preceding consonant.

These six vowels become diphthongs or long vowels when followed by /j/ or
/w/, which may become monophthongs in some cases:

ij > i:
Ej > e:
aj > ae > {:
Oj > oe > 2:
uj > ui > y:
aw > ao > Q:
ow > o:
uw > u:

I'm still unsure about how @j, iw, @w and Ew will be changed.

Also, all the six short vowels may be lenghtened, nasalized or
pharyngealized when followed by consonants like /?/, /h/, /m/, /n/, /?\/,
/X\/, especially word-finally.

I'm starting the vocabulary now, at last.

~Danny~ (who can't type worth a shut)

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Danny Wier <dawier@...>