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OT: Conlangea Dreaming

From:M.S. Soderquist <lilami@...>
Date:Thursday, October 5, 2000, 20:41
I had a dream last night that included some really strange hybrid of
Spanish and English that was spoken in a lush island paradise ruled over
by a queen named Lisabehtita, who looked suspiciously like a young Queen
Elizabeth. It's got me feeling all creative today. The spoken language
sounded a bit like Brazilian Portuguese to me, actually.

Do other people construct languages in their sleep? I am sure this has
been addressed before, but it was just so vivid in my mind, and I caught
myself breaking it down in my dream-- "Oh, that's like English, that's
like Spanish".

I thought it was interesting that the queen's name was closer to
"Elizabeth" than "Isabel". I only saw it in print under her portrait, so
I don't know what that "h" is doing in there in the name-- whether there
is the th ('thorn') sound (spelled 'ht'), if it is silent, or if it does
something to the "e" right before it.

I am thinking about doing something conculturish with this island
nation, and creating the language as I go along. :)


M.S. Soderquist
ma buda dita luna!