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Re: Question: help me!

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Thursday, August 19, 1999, 5:12 writes:
> I ask, would someone of you can help me to find the lang I need? >I hope now I really find a beautiful, maximum natural and simple >conlang, which is really worth to learn seriously =85
Wow, well, many of us here focus on the artistic or at least the experimental side of Conlanging. There is the auxlang list, but the reaso= n it is separate from this one, as i recall, it got pretty fiery here with the talk of IALs, so the two lists split. I dont think you would find an auxlang with all of the requirements you wrote down, since you seem to have gone through the list of every IAL i know of. Perhaps, you could create your own? Personally, i cant help you too much because IAL's really dont interest me. I'm into conlanging just for enjoyment, not to bring peace to the world (a la the Esperantists), nor do I conlang so i can make everyone understand eachother (sometimes i think it's best when you dont know what your neighbors are saying about you :) ). They're supposed to bring the world together, yet with the abundance of them on the net, it seems like an impossible dream (at least right now). ____________________________________________________________________ = =20 =20 "Raw to the floor like reservoir dogs" - A.V. Helden=20 ____________________________________________________________________