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CHAT: Myers-Briggs Types and stuff.

From:Mia Soderquist <tuozine@...>
Date:Sunday, September 27, 1998, 6:14
I am an INFP, for what it's worth. I think that's pretty accurate
for me.

 I am not sure how much stock I put in any kind of evaluations
of personality or intelligence. I know some people say that IQ
tests for kids are good indicators of future success, and that the
genius working as a janitor is a myth, but that wasn't true for me,
with very high scores, or my very "average" friends who went on to
be successful in their fields. On personality tests, I wonder if
sometimes it doesn't tell more about the kind of person you wish you
were, rather than who you are... Though I think that it was generally
agreed by friends and family that my Myers-Briggs results were
pretty accurate.

While we are taking stats, I am a Capricorn too. I used to be a
stereotypical Capricorn (studious, industrious, serious), but I
recovered. [I don't put much stock in astrology either.]