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Re: The "If you call me insane again..." page, at long last!

From:Aidan Grey <frterminus@...>
Date:Monday, July 23, 2001, 22:19
--- daniel andreasson <daniel.andreasson@...>
> Cein: > > "Eneiss te ni ymeth, mathow ni i en ddeun tew." > > en-eiss te ni ymeth, math-ow ni i en > ddeun tew > re-call:SUBJ 2SG 1SG "no-skilled" eat -FUT I the > eye other your
And its sister lang, Aelya: "E eneiss che en abhog, maudo ne i ch'en ech eil!" /e: enejs xe en a:vog mawdo ne @ xe:n ex ejl/ E en-eiss che en abhog if re-name:SUBJ you:SUBJ I:OBJ crazy maudo ne i ch'en ech eil! eat:FUT I:subj art eye you:GEN other abhog < OI aba/can 'fool'
> The Cein version is very tentative. I'm not at all > sure about the subjunctive form, which might be an > irrealis form, > and I'm not sure if the _-ow_ future form is the > right one > to use here.
I've got the same issues. Neither of us knows what to do for a condition/subjunctive/irrealis sort of tense. Aidan __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Make international calls for as low as $.04/minute with Yahoo! Messenger


Aidan Grey <frterminus@...>