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Weekly Vocab #23 in Kash

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Saturday, September 27, 2003, 3:01
1. obedient-- cupat (in the sense here)
It is a joy to have obedient children.
mindani, pun yale anala cupat
happy-of it, if there is/are child-pl. .....

2. family -- have
That contributes greatly to the peacefulness of a family.
Iyu pando (ya)rumele haveye nurak
that much (it)bestows  family-dat. peace
(rumele is the caus. of vele 'give')

3. thought-- not in the sense here
A thought and a kind word do as much, though
amowas i kota leleñ kuna kuwa andusok
kindness and word good probably same result

4, 5, 6 . omitted.  Too damn hard!!!! (Have I ever made that complaint
before? And no words for politician or civilization)

7. to move-- cumet 'change residence'
If you don't like it, move to Cuba. It's not any better, but they're honest.
pun ta halisam, cumetka Kupan. ta lalembi, mowa kaçila ipovacan
if not you-like, move-IMP. Cuba-acc.  not better-barely, but people(pl)
they/are-believable. meet, assemble-- canga
A ConlangCon is a place for conlangers to meet and discuss olives.
"ConlangCon" yale anjanga re keyahatendela icanga riyan irungocañ setunas
CLC is meeting which conlangers they-gather there they-discuss "olives" (<
Span. aceitunas)
(conlanger: ke- person who + ahan 'create' + sende 'language')

9. existence-- añale; to exist çukale
It also establishes the existence of various conlangers more certainly.
rumirap eme, lavi virap re naya-naya keyahatendela kundrini icukale
assures also, more certain that diff.-kinds conlangers
truly they-exist.

10. feeling -- not in this sense
No hard feelings, but I can't be sure any of you are actually people.
inga ongalayimi, mowa tambirap pun hila tapatni, kaçila aleka
without offense-gen-my, but I'm-not-sure if you-pl. some/any-of it
people/pl. real
(Instead of inga ongalayimi, I considered _turole ri kandini_ 'begging
[pardon] in advance' but it's too subservient)