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new language; langmaker

From:J. Barefoot <ataiyu@...>
Date:Monday, July 19, 1999, 20:14
I need to share. I've been sketching a new language (called Meanate)  where
the only morphology is nominal. Or something like that. Here's an example:

E-yi ekit-y-u isuhe-ku na-ne.
I.fem-nominative heat-sociative-genitive  food-genitive

I want some hot food. or,
"I some food with heat at wanting."

Un-i ai-ha na-ne ahi-ya-ku.
I.masc-nom you.sing.fem-acc act.of.wanting-loc act.of.seeing-again-gen

I want to see you again. or,
"I you at wanting of re-seeing."

Where genitive in place of accusative means partitive and attributive
adjectives are nouns in the sociative case with the another (masculine) case
ending to agree with their heads. My problem is that the "verb words," the
"act of" words that sort of function like verbs but take case endings, are
too much like verbs.  I bet they really are verbs, and that's not what I'm
going for. The syntax is too much like languages that _have_ verbs. Sigh.
And yes, I did look at Allnoun before I started, and yes, I tried, but the
link to Kelen~ was broken. Oh, and is it completely wrong to have
prepostitions in SOV (V here taken with a grain of salt, hopefully) order?
It breaks typology but is it unheard of? I've probably asked that before.

And number two, I wrote Jeffrey Henning about this, but I'm eager to use
Langmaker, so while waiting I thought maybe someone else might know what to
do. I've got Langmaker 1.11 running on Windows 98.  Whenever I try to launch
it, I get an error message that says "Input past end of file:".  Apparently,
I'm the only person ever to have this problem.  Very frustrating.


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