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Re: Re : Re: OFF: Name for a cat

From:Fabian <rhialto@...>
Date:Friday, October 1, 1999, 14:39
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 29/09/99 07:45:29  , vous avez =E9crit :

> > My mother wants to name her Clara, but it doesn't fit her. > > Me and my brother wanted a Japanese name, but most of them > > are too long -- and I want it to mean something. I looked > > up a dictionary and found _taikoo_, which means 'light pink' > > (and also 'archduke'!). What do you think? Can you do better? > > I can't promise you a kitty as a reward... unless you pay > > for international shipment of the poor thing. :P > >
How about "pejxu" /pejSu/ ? Thats the Maltese baby talk word for cat. As an added bonus, it means 'pa= y master' in Japanese. --- Fabian May this missive repay the kindness of my patrons. May it mitigate the sufferings of the lost and the damned. May all that read it find their hearts turned towards Truth and Honour. and in so doing, repay me for the ardours of my labour.