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Re: NATLANG: Pre-reformed Russian (was Re: Apologies)

From:Stephen Mulraney <ataltanie@...>
Date:Saturday, November 29, 2003, 0:07
Isaac Penzev wrote:
> Stephen Mulraney wrote: > > >>hard sign wasn't pronounced. It actually looks really weird >>looking at prerevolutionary (or emigre) Russian with all >>those excess hard signs (not to mention the strange vowels). >>(for an example I was going to point out the PDF of <В� >>Защиту � усскаго Языка> _V Zashchitu Russkavo Jazyka_ on >> , but it seems to be offline right now so >>I can't find the exact URL) > > > Unfortunately, I couldn't find this particular link, but there are certain > interesting specimens of pre-reformed Russian spelling at such site as > > > Reminder: is not Unicode-friendly, esp. as concerns > Cyrillics.
Oops, just sent you another one.... gah. Actually, I was aware while writing this one that people mightn't be able to see the Cyrillic; but it was an added bonus since I gave a transliteration too. -- Of smale houndes hadde she that she fedde Stiofán Ó Maoilbreanainn With rosted flessh, or milk and wastel-breed. But soore wepte she if oon of hem were deed, Or if men smoot it with a yerde smerte. -- Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales, General Prologue 146-149.


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