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JSTOR (was LCS benefits, was Re: [CONLANG] Conlang hosting)

From:ROGER MILLS <rfmilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 5, 2008, 4:42
li_sasxsek@NUTTER.NET wrote:
However, JSTOR access is a strong motivator.
>I could easily be swayed for $10-20. The key to getting membership >going will be in having some good benefits to offer.
In one of the replies to this thread, someone mentioned that having a connection to a Univ. library or alum. assoc. would work for JSTOR. I also heard thru another source that if one became a member of the Boston Public Library, that would work too. Or any library in a univ./college town. I haven't tried the Holland MI public library, but if that doesn't work I could go round the corner to Hope College and see what they might offer. There are some possibilities thru the U. of Michigan too. It's gotten to the point in my Real Research where I need something like this.


Eugene Oh <un.doing@...>