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Re: LCS benefits, was Re: [CONLANG] Conlang hosting

Date:Wednesday, March 5, 2008, 1:22
> [] On Behalf Of Sai Emrys
> On Mon, Mar 3, 2008 at 4:41 PM, Amanda Babcock Furrow > <langs@...> wrote: > > The benefit I would be most excited to see from the LCS, > but which would > > require that it have a thriving budget, would be... JSTOR
> ... > > $1500 upfront plus $500 a year for their "Arts & Sciences > Complement", a bundle of currently 143 titles including the > > above-mentioned journals. > > > > A benefit like this, something that I can only obtain as a > member of a > > group, would truly make LCS membership worthwhile to me. > > That would, indeed, be neat. I share the frustration with the
> state of academic publishing being nearly-unreachable to
> > This *could* happen once we have ongoing memberships, but it'll
> a great deal on how many members we have, and how many of them
> enough about this. Think of it simply as distributed cost. Is it > worth, say, $5 to 300 people? $10 to 150 people? $20 to 75 people?
LCC is unfortunately geographically inconvenient so it's not something that I would want to invest in. Maybe if there was one here in the Southeast. However, JSTOR access is a strong motivator. I could easily be swayed for $10-20. The key to getting membership going will be in having some good benefits to offer.


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