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Re: OT: on .ogg

From:Tristan McLeay <conlang@...>
Date:Sunday, March 6, 2005, 22:15
On 7 Mar 2005, at 3.05 am, Roger Mills wrote:

> Herman Miller (and many others) discussed have discussed this. > > My question: are .ogg files smaller than .mp3's ?
Well, an MP3 recording a two minute song may be larger or smaller than an Ogg Vorbis file recording a two minute song. At 192 kbps, they will both be the same size (192*1024*2*60/8 bytes, being the bitrate times 1024 to get the 'k', times two minutes, times sixty seconds per minute, divided by 8 because there's 8 bits in a byte). However, at 192 kbps the Ogg Vorbis file will be of a higher quality, so maybe you'll find that 128 kbps Vorbis satisfies you, where 128 kbps MP3 wasn't good enough. Did that make sense?
>> Winamp ( plays .ogg and lots of other common >> audio formats; it's a useful thing to have around. > > Is there an upgrade one can download for Med.Player that will enable > it to > play .ogg?
Someone I know wrote <>. I can only vouch for the author; I don't use Windows so have never used the software.
> If one installed Winamp, could one get rid of Win. Media Player/Real > Player > etc. etc. ?
Real Player yes; WMP if you're lucky & run one of the most recent versions of Windows (I think it's Windows XP SP2). I believe. Again, I don't use Windows. -- Tristan.