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Re: OT: /r/ - /l/ - /n/ [was Re: OT: Rant about degres Celsius]

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 18, 2001, 19:06
Tom Wier wrote:
>A change of [r] to [l], or [l] to [r], is very frequent >typologically......
(snip the very interesting remainder) IIRC there's also Latin adjectival -al- ~ -ar- though I don't quite remember the condition, except that it involved presence of /l/ or /r/ in the root.(?) ObConlang (how nice to be able to insert one!): Kash either dissimilates phrasal -r(V)# #rV- (ro '2' rongo 'hundred' > lorongo '200', or else deletes the first /r/ (ri 'loc.' ratu 'street' > i ratu 'in the street'). Also historically: *deraw 'sun, day' > **reraw > lero Also in sandhi, n-r > ndr, any nasal-l > nd etc. and r-r, l-r, r-l irreg.
> -tr-
My favorite Indonesian language, Dawan ~Atoni of Timor, has earlier **r, l, n all > n. A major merger, since **r comes from at least 3 PAN phonemes, **n from 2. Many other Indo. languages have trouble with r..r, r..l, n..l etc. sequences. Shameless plug: Tom, you may have been offlist when I announced the Kash website-- (It already needs revising, and I'm currently struggling with the Syntax section, not my strong suit.....)