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From:J. Barefoot <lesfraises@...>
Date:Friday, January 1, 1999, 15:01
As an aside to the whole thing, I've been watching this Twilight Zone
Marathon and one episode got me thinking (at about one o'clock this
morning becauses I couldn't sleep). It was about a man condemned to the
electric chair. He tries to warn everyone that when he dies they'll all
die too because the whole world that they think is 'reality' is just a
dream he's having. Well it turns out that he's right and all these
people's lives are really just his recurring nightmare. So it makes me
think that maybe somewhere there's people who speak Yisian or Teonaht or
Nova or Brithenig (maybe somewhere in the Twilight Zone?) and that
whenever we say "Allright enough of this nonsense for right now, I've
got to do some actual work" perhaps it's an act of genocide.
Remember, I came up with this at one this morning.


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