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Re: reality?

From:Andrew Smith <hobbit@...>
Date:Saturday, January 2, 1999, 23:16
Brithenig speakers are luckier than some since at any time I could be
working on their grammar and history, Padraic updates the Kernu language
in Dunein province, John Cowan suggested the Solemn League of North
America, and Ray contributes suggestions to the grammar as well as several
others sit in on our lively if erratic discussions.  So when I turn off
the "television" the Chomro don't disappear.  They are out there living in
their dysfunctional families in their imperfect Western society.  Because
they have their own alternative history they have reality, but they must
hate it when I revise the grammar or change a date - it would be like
starting from scratch every time.  Perhaps they never notice that God is

- andrew.

Andrew Smith, Intheologus             
Q. Why are there so many Smiths in the Phone Book?
A. Because they all have telephones!

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