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Re: New page on Kijeb morphology

From:Benct Philip Jonsson <bpj@...>
Date:Saturday, March 25, 2006, 21:57
Jörg Rhiemeier skrev:
 > A nice work!  The morphology is very regular, which, however, isn't
 > bad, especially not in a reconstructed protolanguage.  There are many
 > agglutinating natlangs with similarly regular morphologies.  I like
 > it.

Maybe I should prefix every single Kijeb form with an asterisk,
making it an entirely reconstructed protolanguage.  My idea was/is
that it is partially attested in a deficient syllabic script, however.

Alex Fink skrev:
> Yes, a very nice regular morphology, using your phonological processes to > good effect. Makes the apparent irregularities (like _igyu_, which I guess > is to avoid an _iy_ sequence) all the more tantalizing.
Yes _igyu_, is to avoid an _iy_ sequence. I have detailed the rules for these changes in the now renamed sandhi section.
> > I notice the rational gender only exists in the plural. What is it used > for? (mixed groups of masculine and feminine referents?)
Yes. That will be pointed out in the syntax section yet to come.
> Which levels does Kijeb inverse marking distinguish in the nominal > hierarchy? To my knowledge it's not usual for verbs in natlangs to > distinguish every single level; _the_ nominal hierarchy is more like the > total collection of level boundaries found in natlangs.
Yes, that seems right. I have changed it to apply only between animate and inanimate.
> If in pre-Kijeb _xw_, or the contrast _xw : f_, had a low functional load, > so that there were very few minimal pairs distinguished by this contrast, > methinks it would be especially likely that _xw_ would collapse into _f_. > If any undesirable homonyms did arise replacements could always be found.
Glad you agree!
> Alex > >
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