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warning: personal presentation

From:Camilla Drefvenborg <elmindreda@...>
Date:Monday, December 9, 2002, 22:23
hi everyone!

having been away from the list since April, I guess it's time to
reintroduce myself. at least, some of you seemed to think so. the rest
of you can just quietly delete this mail :)

I live just outside Stockholm, in Sweden; and I've been an amateur
conlanger most of my life, though I didn't until this spring realize it
had a name. we had our own 'conlang' at home, consisting of words we'd
used when we were little, plus constant new additions. in the end, our
friends had to learn to speak it, too, since we always forgot to speak
Swedish at home.

plus my parents both being polyglots, so I grew up hearing Swedish,
Amharic, English, German, Hungarian, Hebrew, Italian, etc.

so I guess becoming a conlanger was unavoidable :)

unfortunately, they didn't actively teach me any of them, something I
don't think I will ever forgive them for.

oh, well.

my favourite natlang is Japanese, which has a very special place in my
heart. speaking of which, I finally found the courage to follow my heart
in the matter of grammar and phonology, in reading this on Ardalambion
last night.

"But Tolkien willingly admitted that he did not try do avoid the
influence of real-world languages. After all, he made languages for his
own pleasure, not to fool others and make them think that they were 'real'."

in case any of you were wondering why some things seemed decidedly odd
in the phonological material I posted, it was because it was trying not
to be too similar to the several natlangs I really enjoy.

but no longer will I torment myself thus.

"milda makaroner vad det ryker ur farmors ödla"