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Re: Status of Italian rising diphthongs

From:Isaac A. Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Monday, December 9, 2002, 13:22
Mangiat eskribiw:

This fact could be justified by two different explanations:
1. [j] and [w] are always two consonants;
2. [j] and [w] are always two vowels.
(And see above why we should consider them vowels)>>>

I know almost nothing about Italian phonology on SUCH level of competence,
but I just noticed that in Rumiya, my Arabo-Romance conlang, diphthongs with
glides /i_^/ and /u_^/ are clearly treated as combinations of vowels and
consonants /j/ and /w/, whether they are falling or rising ones. Still they
make the syllable long. In addition, /ey/ and /ow/ are often confused with
respectively /e/ and /o/.

<<<What ya think?>>>

Smart. But useless.

> Luca
Mokhtaramã (=with respect), Yitzik ~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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