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CHAT: Laafaah (was CHAT: Which world? Which culture?)

From:Stone Gordonssen <stonegordonssen@...>
Date:Sunday, July 13, 2003, 16:09
> > My latest doodling, Laafaah, came from needing a language for > > race of serpent men for an RPG, some cultural aspects of > > which have been pre defined by H.P. Lovercraft and Thomas Smith. > >As a fan of H.P. Lovecraft, you've attracted my curiousity, possibly >imprudent, given that mythos...:)
Well, I started on Laafaah [LA:p\A:h] only a month ago. Other than the HPL stated presence of many sibilants and lack of stress in the language, a suspicious and self-centred nature in the serpentmen – whom I named “Trayih” [t`Ay1h] – and non-mammalian brain, mouth and throat structures, I've not done that much on the language. For consonants, I picked: Initial: [?], [p], [p_}], [p\], [p\:], [p\_}], [s], [s:], [S], [S:], [s`], [C], [s_}], [x], [h], [W], [j], [K], [L], [q], [t], [t_}], [ts], [c], [t`], [J], [J:] Medial: [?], [p], [p\], [p\:], [s], [s:], [S], [S:], [s`], [C], [x], [h], [W], [j], [K], [L], [q], [t], [ts], [c], [t`], [J], [J:] Terminal: [p], [ps], [ps:], [p\], [p\:], [s], [s:], [S], [S:], [x], [h], [K], [L], [q], [t], [ts], [ts:], [t`], [J], [J:], [Js], [Js:] I debate still over my exclusion of voiced consonants (because of the structure of a reptilian throat) and dentals (because of reptilian dentation) and plosives except [p] (because of reptilian lip structure). For vowels, I picked back and central un-rounded: [A], [1], [M], [V], [A_t], [1_t], [M_t] Given this, all words are CVC or CVCVC. Roots are nouns, and are changed to verbs by lengthening the first vowel, and to participles by lengthening both vowels: lafah [LAp\Ah] = word laafah [LA:p\Ah] = I speak/am speaking laafaah [LA:p\A:h] = speaking I decided to make the language isolating/minimally-amalgamating. For structure of simple sentences, I picked ergative OSV because of my perceived scarcity of it in human languages. Making the language self-centred, I elected to use: the unmodified root verb form CVVC or CVVCVC for first person singular, dual and plural, and for second person singular; modified verb form CVV_tC or CVVCV_tC for second person plural, and for third person sentient and non-sentient. Note: words ending in [h] don’t added breath to the final vowel but change [h] to [Js]. Agent pronouns for CVVCVC are 1s = 'ah (not normally used unless trying to emphasize oneself) 1d = s'ix 1pi = s'iz 1px = s'uns 2s = 'ix and patient pronouns for CVVCVC are 1s = t'ah 1d = 'ax 1pi = 'az 1px = 'ans 2s = t'ix 2p = 'iz 3 = 'uns 4 = 'uts Agent pronouns for CVVCV_tC are 2p = 'iz 3 = 'uns 4 = 'uts and patient pronouns for CVV_tCVC are 1s = 'ah 1d = 'ax 1pi = 'az 1px = 'ans 2s = t'ix 2p = t'iz 3 = t'uns 4 = t'uts ('ah) laafah = I speak s'ix laafah = I & you (sl) speak s'iz laafah = I & you (pl) speak s'uns laafah = I & he speak, I & they speak 'ix laafah = You speak 'iz laafans = You (pl) speak 'uns laafans = He/they speak 'uts laafans = It/they speak When aspecting verbs, the verb is changed to the participle, and may be followed by: pah/pans = negation suh/suns = protractive trih/trins = generic llih/llins = retrospective fuih/funs = prospective sih/sins = simulfactive nih/nins = inceptive trah/trans = transcoursive sah/sans = cessative xuh/xuns = unintentional nuh/nuns = completive "Cases" for nouns are effected by these affixes: s'- = agentive -ss = genitive f'- = relative (prepositional) t'- = patient ss'- vocative Anything non-Trayih is generally considered a patient unless marked as agent or unquestionably obvious from context. E.g. 'uts putin triinaaz nuh [?Mts pMt1J t`1:JA:S JMh] (to)it baubble a (I) giving did I gave a bauble to it. 'uts s'zapal ha puutinns [?Mts s_}SApALLA pM:t1_tJs] it animal the plays-with The animal plays with it. _________________________________________________________________ Tired of spam? Get advanced junk mail protection with MSN 8.