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Re: Genderless Lingo

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 21, 1999, 0:49 writes:
>You wouldn't. IN Advena, every word is a verbal phrase, so "I'm human" >would be "umn-qa", "You are human", "umn-xa," "he is human" "umn-sa". >Incidently, I understand there *are* some Earth languages that do this -- >they have words for "to be a <ethnic group>." Advena just carries it way >too far.
In Saalangal, nouns can be changed to verbs, just by adding on the right focus, and conjugating to the tense (I'm using actor focus here because it needs no object to complete the sentence). sinaaalangal esan - I am human (am-human I). pinaaku isan - it is a bird (lit. this is a bird) However,the usual way to express that a thing or person is something, you simply place the adjective before the noun or pronoun, with the linker between the two (pronouns need no linker): saalangal esan - I am human paku isan - it is a bird* *note: to say "that bird", you switch the order of the words: isan paku - that bird.