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Genderless Lingo

From:abrigon <abrigon@...>
Date:Sunday, December 19, 1999, 4:29
Gender, I have a race for a fantast or sci-fi world that has no
gender, they are hermaphrodites, but can breed with other races
using what appears to be genetalia, but are actually genetic
material receptors (biological). Namely they then take the
material and rebuild it for their needs on their basic framwork,
so as to keep from having problems of to many of the same genes..
Also they are egg layers, normally 6 eggs. As well as apposible
thumbs and six sigets on their hands and feet. So a base 6 or

They are a warlike race, but also have a high sense of honor.

Interesting on how they would develope a lingo.. The sci-fi form
has possible contact with Klingons, but the fantasy has contact
with races with gender..

But they would look at the other races genders as forms of the
race or seperate? Maybe a word for alien or sentient (l;ike
themselves, but different) or just adopted the names for each
group (man or women, or human with some modification like
Human-strong for male and Human-care or like word for a human
female. They also have contact with a race like Elves, Dwarves,
Halflings and like..


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