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From:P. M. ARKTAYG <pmva@...>
Date:Monday, April 12, 1999, 23:49
John Cowan wrote:

> [...] > This seems like a good place to ask: is there any accounting for > the form "Roumania/Rumania" in English, from the French "Roumanie"? > In other words, why the [u] in the first syllable? > > The Romanian spelling has been "Romania", with a-circumflex (meaning > a high central vowel normally written i-circumflex) since the > adoption of the Latin alphabet in the 19th century. > [...]
I've got something about the adjective _roma>na(_. Earlier it sounded=20 _rumi>na(_ and even earlier _rumi>neasca(_. The form with _o_ is=20 constructed, because in Romanian _o_ before an accent >>> _u_. The _o_=20 has been used in order to pay attention to the etymological relationship=20 with Latin _ro:ma:na_ (similarly, in case of _a>_). See, in comparison=20 with Latin and Polish: 'Romanian' Old Rum. rumi>n (noun) - rumi>nesc (adj.) Mod. Rum. roma>n (noun + adj.) (Mod.) Latin ?rumenus, ?dacoromanus (both, noun + adj.) Polish Rumun (noun) - rumun'ski (adj.) 'Roman' Mod. Rom. roman (noun + adj.) Latin romanus (noun + adj.) Polish Rzymianin (noun) - rzymski (adj.) but 'German' Old & Mod.Rom. neamt, (noun) - nemt,esc (adj.) Latin germanus (noun + adj.) Polish Niemiec (noun) - niemiecki (adj.)
> =3D circumflex
( =3D breve , =3D comma (not cedilla!); _t,_ =3D [ts] ' =3D acut -- P. M. ARKTAYG "- Jakie zbrodnie pope=B3ni=B3? - Mordowa=B3, zdradza=B3, umy=9Clnie niszczy=B3 statki, torturowa=B3, sz= anta=BFowa=B3,=20 rabowa=B3, sprzedawa=B3 dzieci w niewol=EA, on... - Nie obchodz=B1 mnie wasze spory religijne"