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Re: Synaesthesia (ObConlang)

From:Padraic Brown <elemtilas@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 31, 2002, 22:00
--- "H. S. Teoh" <hsteoh@...> wrote:

> > That's because whatever has just happened is > All > > His Fault. It's a conlang of sorts that all > > husbands sooner or later learn! > [snip] > > Lol... that's usually the case I suppose :-) > But though it may be the most > common form of "The Look", there *are* other > kinds of looks that say more > than words alone can.
Well, sure! Like, "I know it's all your fault, and you're a smart man, so you might as well just admit it; and just to make sure, I'm going to spend the next forty years explaining it to you very carefully and in very precise detail." Padraic. ===== To him that seeks, if he knock, the door will be opened; if he seeks, he shall find his way; if he searches for a way, he shall find his path. For though the Way is narrow, it's wisdom is written in the hearts of all: if ye would seek and find Rest, look first within! .