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In need of a conlang

From:The RipperDoc <ripperdoc@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 23, 2002, 17:45
I'm at the moment working on the Babel text translation for my conlang Varon
(I'll post the beginning of the translation in the end of this mail). But my
question is now about something else.
Varon is just a part of my world building project. Varon will hav elot's of
daughter languages, and I'll write about them all, but now I'm looking for
anyone who wants to "lend" me his/her conlang for my world.
The thing is that Varon is the first languages of humans in my world,
constructed by the gods. All languages are descendants of Varon. But that's
not completely true! When the world was created, and the Creator put out the
humans on the face of the world, some people were never found by the gods.
They never did learn Varon, and they never had the "pleasure" of living in a
paradise which later became hell when the gods started to fight eachother.
To put it simply: I'm planning on constructing all the Varon descendants
myself, but I also need one or more languages that seem very alien to Varon.
I'm thinking about a languages that's supposed to be spoken by a harsh
desert people, that have lived in deserts longer than any other. For the
descendants of those who did live in the paradise, the desert people seem
very strange, and has a very strange language.

Please help me! Does anyone have a conlang that would fit the description
(the languages must of course match the people speaking it)? And do you want
it to be a part of my world project, which will make you a co-constructor?

The Babel Text
1. Leom om varonac sedivarac uel conuelor.
2. Leomur can axom panielast, zoira Chinaru ymuelac mivolelac.
3. “Crud teracebecois ac êzoracebecois”, crud varielero dêbelor. Yn racebeco
volelabi ac baohonzor ebecovol cêel.
4. Crud variel: ”Zomiath volytis, yn volonaris-nochytor uytis. Vandu crudani
astyt ac yn sedicanon leom om astytim.”



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