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Vocab #10a

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 29, 2003, 4:08
> Vocab #10a > > Topic: negation > > 1. bathe toçin >He didn't bathe yesterday.
ta yatoçin koprat not he-bathe yesterday Cf. colloq. All week, he hasn't taken a single bath! trelo yunoni, ta yamepu toçiñi tapes! week all-of it, not he-make bathe-his not-one
> 2. narrow travoçil lit. unwide > This road isn't that narrow.
ratu tayu ta yatravoçil aloni yu. road this not it-unwide like that
> 3. jealous karenja ~krenja (pejor.pfx + renja 'desire strongly') > I am not jealous!
ta me hañukrenja! OR ta me cakrenja not 1s/Dat soul-jealous....not 1/dat overcome-by/jealous
> 4. sting ciyap > Luckily, the hornet didn't sting me.
papañi kemboni ta man yaciyap(sa) luck-of it kembo(insect)-the not 1s/acc it-sting(past) OR papañi ta me cakaciyap kembowini accid-sting insect-gen-the "luckily I didn't get stung by the kembo"
> 5. who kari > Who wouldn't?
kari ta melo(ka)? (colloq. tambelo(ka)) who not want(Q-- technically incorrect here)
> 6. grief añavan < avan 'grieve inwardly'
come to grips= çunurak 'make/be at peace(nurak) with'
> She couldn't come to grips with her grief.
ta pole yaçunurak liri añavañi not able 3s-make-peace concerning grief-her
> 7. decrease çumimik 'get small(er)', çukomban 'get less' > The profits have not decreased for 2 years.
apandoçni ta içukomban ri anju ro pehan profit-pl-its/the not 3pl-get-less LOC time 2 year
> 8. annoy kraku > You couldn't annoy me if you tried.
colloq. ta pole me kraku kambun çasati not able 1/dat annoy even-if try-your
> 9. camera (a)tenjet (native), OR mupak (< Gwr) > That is not a camera - it's a calculator.
iyu, ta yale tanjet, yale prambin that, not it-is ...., it-is ..... (atenjet is a deformed loan translation of the Gwr, "picture-room", cf. camera oscura)
> 10. boot lingandrak (footwear); oporop "kick out" < opor 'outside' > She doesn't like boots.
ta yalisam lingandrak(aç) not 3-like boot(pl) lingandrak < lingaran 'shoe'+ -rak 'big'; lingaran < limbe 'wear' + ekaran 'foot' < haran 'walk'
> Don't boot him out!
yanda yan oporop!! do-not 3/acc kick-out
> > Vocab #10b will follow..........