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Vocab #10a and b

From:Aidan Grey <grey@...>
Date:Monday, January 27, 2003, 3:58
After a nice little break, the exercises are back. Since I was absent for
so long, I've got two sets, continuing with the list.
I'm finding it difficult to come up with "topics" for the context
sentences, it would be a great help. This is why the second set is "up for
grabs". Make up your own context sentences... highlight a special feature
of your conlang.

  Here we go:

Vocab #10a

Topic: negation

1. bathe
        He didn't bathe yesterday.
2. narrow
        This road isn't that narrow.
3. jealous
        I am not jealous!
4. sting
        Luckily, the hornet didn't sting me.
5. who
        Who wouldn't?
6. grief
        She couldn't come to grips with her grief.
7. decrease
        The profits have not decreased for 2 years.
8. annoy
        You couldn't annoy me if you tried.
9. camera
        That is not a camera - it's a calculator.
10. boot
        She doesn't like boots.
        Don't boot him out!

Vocab #10b

topic: Up for grabs

1. her
2. poor
3. sexual
4. origin
5. wise
6. cut
7. active
8. among
9. service
10. his


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