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Re: Phonology sketch

From:John Vertical <johnvertical@...>
Date:Friday, August 11, 2006, 21:24
Henrik Theiling wrote:

> > Onsets: > > /p p_l t t_w tK tS tS_w k k_w/ > > /b b_l d d_w dK\ dZ dZ_w g g_w/ > > /P P_l T T_w s s_w K h/ > > /m m_l n n_w n_l/ > >I like the design. Especially when comparing with some Salishan >languages, is does not feel at all far-fetched -- the lateralisation >is a nice extension. Have you considered adding ejectives and/or >uvulars? It would fit, I think, again with Salishan languages in >mind. :-)
I'm not too familiar with that family. I recall them having lots of affricates, glottalization and uvulars. (And polysynthesis, but that's not really in the question here.) Wouldn't hurt to look closer, I gess. Uvulars still probably won't make it here; I don't have anything against them per_se, but I just find them not fitting euphonically together with many other sounds or features.
> > I'm also thinking a third stop series might fit in, but I can't think > > what it could be. Hmong has prenasalization, but I'm not trying to > > make a clone of it. Ejectivs don't feel like they'd fit well together > > with lateralization, > >... > >Ah, you have. Why not? I can pronounce it and the ejective lateral >affricate /tK)_>/ at least is quite common. :-)
/tK)_>/ is not really the issue (altho ejectiv affricates _are_ among the most difficult sounds for me); it's /p_l_>/ that sounds a bit, er, silly. There is the ol' "labial ejectivs may be missing from an otherwise regular system" loophole, but this phonology was supposed to have a prepondence of labials over dorsals, and that would go counter to that emphasis. Maybe the extra medial series are already enuff after all; there's still room for tweakery with the plosiv coda.
>As to prenasalisation, I am very fond of it as an allophonic variant >of voiced stops. I think Hakka has it, I'm not completely sure; it >was a Chinese language on Taiwan, IIRC. (...) > >**Henrik
Not at least according to Wikipedia; but coïncidentally, it does seem to have a "partially complementary" distribution of plosiv finals... might be worth a shot to look into Middle Chinese etc. to see how that came along. John Vertical


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