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Re: Thoughts on my Gwr Language

From:makeenan <makeenan@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 14, 2004, 19:14
>===== Original Message From Jim Henry <jimhenry@...> ===== >Robert <syntax@...> li toki e ni: > >
> >>> I'm afraid most ppl here are afraid to present anything too m >> Yes, I too have noticed that. My only defense to that is the amount of time >>spent on working on these types of languages. Personally I prefer a "simple" >>type of language. My current baby is *very* simple compared to many of the >>others projects, but I meant it to be that way, sort of as a secondary >>language for me to use day to day. > >gjax-zym-byn is mostly isolating with some agglutinative bits; it >has suffixes, but they're all whole syllables, many of which could be >considered postpositive particles. I designed it with a simple grammar >because I intended to become fluent in it (and have, to some degree).
I'd like to join in if I may to say that my latest is also strictly isolating. I haven't remarked on it because I figured that most people here would be bored with it. Hikka, is also mono-syllabic since its the latest developement of my Ok theme. What I mean by that is that almost all of my languages have been a further developement of my original language, Ok. Its structure is C(C)V(L)(M)(N)(R) and its word order is SOV with modifiers preceding. Verb tence is indicated by context. -Duke
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