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OT: What is the maximum number of citizenships someone can have?

From:Sai Emrys <sai@...>
Date:Thursday, November 20, 2008, 7:54
Xposted to my blog:

Suppose that you want to arrange a situation such that a person has
the maximum possible number of citizenships.

What's the maximum?

* no naturalization required (pre-adolescent residency OK) vs
* single-national parents vs multi-national parents
* historical quirks that are no longer available
* actual world record

To make scoring simpler:
* a citizenship that doesn't grant passport is worth half
- e.g. Israeli by blood after only 3 months residency
* a citizenship that is not fully recognized by another citizenship is
worth half
- e.g. if you renounce A to B, and A doesn't believe in renunciation,
it's worth half because B doesn't acknowledge it
should help, but I'm too lazy to go through it all... here's my first

Unrenounceable: US, Canada, Ireland, Taiwan
Jealous: China, Japan, US
Multiterritorial: Isle of Ireland (UK/Ireland)
Ubersanguinal: Israel, Italy

No naturalization:

Single-citizenship parents:
* parents: one each of different multi-nationality-ok countries (e.g.
American & Canadian)
* one grandparent Jewish
* one grandparent Italian [not sure on this; may require intervening
parent to claim Italian also, which violates single-citizenship]
* one great-grandparent Cherokee
* place of birth: Isle of Ireland, UK

Child's citizenships (9): American, Canadian, Cherokee, UK, Irish,
Italian, Commonwealth, & EU; full Israeli after 1yr residency

Multi-citizenship parents:
* parent 1: the kid above (9)
* parent 2: born in Taiwan, parents a) Russian and b) Romania-living
ethnic German

Child (13): American, Canadian, Cherokee, UK, Irish, Italian,
Commonwealth, EU, Israeli, Chinese, Russian, Romanian & German ???

With naturalization:

Anyone care to try?

Mind to be careful of renunciation oaths, non-renuncibility, residency
requirements, etc. Assume average lifespan (75).


Eric Christopherson <rakko@...>