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Misspellings (was Re:

From:taliesin the storyteller <taliesin@...>
Date:Saturday, April 13, 2002, 13:54
* And Rosta said on 2002-04-13 03:12:40 +0200
> Peter Clark: > > > Jack's mantle has, gratifyingly, been taken up by the returning Peter > > > Clark, poccessor of extrenuous vowels. > > > > Gee, I misspell one word and I am suddenly nominated to > > replace Jack? > > It's not so much a matter of quantity as a matter of quality. Most > misspellings are boring and slightly depressing evidence of suboptimal > standards of literacy on the part of the author and sometimes also > subeditor and editor. In cases like these -- 'dipthong', 'millenium', > 'elegaic', etc etc ad nauseam -- the aetiology of the misspelling is > obvious & the resulting spelling is close to what was intended.
I like keyboarding artifacts myself: the right word but the wrong position on the keyboard, like 'rgw' for 'the', or the hallmarks of touch-typing: the letters for one hand written a bit too early; 'elik' for 'like' if the left hand is too fast, or the space having been pressed too early or too late... deliberately missing keys that way are a nice way of making throw-away passwords btw. t.


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