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Subject: Weekly vocab #3

From:Christopher B Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Saturday, April 13, 2002, 13:38
You must be psychic. I've needed most of these words and haven't yet made
1. doctor / healer
namo / torneis (This would be preceded by the deity that the healer
2. medicine
3. ear
4. eye
okwi (pl. okwi)
5. friend
6. itch and/or scratch
kalanta / telbas
7. hurt / pain (the verb ... or not)
nelogei "to injure" or nefei "to be a source of pain"
8. diagnosis
9. cure / heal
torankei "to heal" (by some mystical means) lenasei "to cure" or "to heal
oneself by natural bodily means"
10. ill

Seon ik namo (asag). She my doctor (is).
Ik fe manosa, ak tuk vo manosa. My this medicine, and your that medicine.
Possessives are weaker than indicatives, which are weaker than
Seon gasag leri suveik wesi. She stepped into their ears. (Idiom meaning
that she thoroughly examined them.)
Seon gasag leri okwi seok. She stepped into eye her. (Odd order to denote
that the shes are different.)
Inak tasili asof lesan. Our friends are ill.
Telbas suonel asag vaswerva bas suok telbas. Scratch of him is more
worrysome than his (possessive) scratch. This "than" is a special form
used only with comparatives and contrasting superlatives.
Kwe nefesa luk fekini? INT heads?
Suok filosin asag gith seon o lenasam. His diagnosis is for she REFLEXIVE
will soon heal.
Filosin suonel asag sa lenasa. Diagnosis of him is with a cure.
Seon lenasam ik tasili. She will soon cure my friends, and she won't
invoke Menga Vospe to do so.
Naisem lesan eser. I am not sick I was.