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Re: PLUG: SpecGram Current Issue

From:Dirk Elzinga <dirk.elzinga@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 7, 2007, 23:49

You asked about some examples which showed suppletive verb forms. Here
are a few sentences from Shoshoni that I was able to find:

Ikkih ne kemahka wene.
here me stand
'Stand here next to me.'

Ikkih ne kemahka tsatsakki.
here me stand (du.subj)
'(You two) stand here next to me.'

Ikkih ne kemahka topo'i.
here me stand (pl.subj)
'(You all) stand here next to me.'

Sote eppeihka.
that sleep.STAT
'That one is sleeping.'

Soteweh ekkoihka.
those.DU sleep (pl.subj).STAT
'Those two are sleeping.'

Sotee ekkoihka.
those.PL sleep (pl.subj).STAT
'They are sleeping.'

Suten teiti huuppitta ukkuh tekinnu.
that little.OBJ stick.OBJ there put
'He put a little stick there.'

Suten teteitihi huppinnihi ukkuh tahnannu.
that little.DU.OBJ stick.DU.OBJ there put (pl.obj)
'He put two little sticks there.'

sute soonti teteitii huppinnii ukkuh tahnannu.
that many.OBJ little.PL.OBJ stick.PL.OBJ there put (pl.obj)
'He put lots of little sticks there.'

Sute kentu tokoai paikkannu.
that yesterday snake.OBJ kill (sg.obj).PAST
'He killed a snake yesterday.'

Sute tapaini wahattihi tokoanihi wasennu.
that today two.DU.OBJ snake.DU.OBJ kill (pl.obj).PAST
'He killed two snakes today.'

Sute imaa oyoku tokoanii wasekkwanto'i.
that tomorrow all snake.PL.OBJ kill (pl.obj).FUT
'He will kill all the snakes tomorrow.'