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Re: The World Pidgin

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Saturday, June 17, 2000, 16:33
>- Oi! Tes subener koste ke mucho a? >- Er koste ten fai dolar. Okei okei? >- No, es tai guei! No tine so mucho kash, se se? >- Okei, no prolemo, solo ten dos dolar, es beri beno we :) >- O reli?, no won bai ri, es enkor tai mucho de. >- Okei, sar, yo mei beri beno prais ge ti...sete dolar. Las prais a! >- Fai dolar, den es okei, grashas ti veri mucho we :) >- Okei ne, fai dolar okei, yo ser re ge ti, me es tai beno prais ge ti > awa! >- Grashas, her tine fai dolar e! >- Grasha, her subener ti. >
Delightful! Definite East Asian feel to it.....aside from vocabulary, it's almost "Bazaar Malay" in structure (which in turn is probably Malay vocab. over Chinese structure, so of course there's a resemblance!). Personal opinion/minor suggestion: I'd like to see at least some final stops retained-- perhaps all neutralized to glottal stop, which could be written /k/?? So, to me, "mei" would have been more immediately recognizable if it had been "meik" /mei?/