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Re: [YAEUT] Lexical variation survey

From:Noelle Morris <rhamantus@...>
Date:Monday, May 5, 2008, 4:40
(I haven't contributed on this list for years, and never under this email
address, I don't think, but, here you are.)

Date of birth:


Where do you currently live?
Reno, NV, USA

Please list the places you've lived between age 4 and age 18, with the most
recent first:
Las Vegas, NV; Reno, NV... um, that's it.



Highest level of education completed:

I'm currently in my 4th (of 5) year of college

Ethnic heritage:

Irish, English and German mostly, but considering that the most recent
immigrant in my ancestry was about 1840s or so, I'm pretty much American. If
it's worth anything, I'm 4th generation Nevadan, which is saying something.

What is/are your native language(s)?


Roughly how many years have you been conlanging or studying linguistics?

Conlanging on and off for about 9 years; studying linguistics formally as a
minor for about 2 years.

How many years ago did you first encounter / begin reading (not necessarily
join / begin posting on) an online conlanging community?

I joined this list when I was 13 (so 9 years ago).

1. the metal device over a sink or bathtub that controls the flow of water:

Faucet, although I, like most people, call the water that comes out of it
"tap water"

2. the apparatus from which you'd get a drink of water in a public place:
Drinking fountain

 3. the device that firefighters attach their hoses to:
Fire hydrant
4. the container in which you'd put water for washing the car or the floor:

5. a machine that performs banking services:

6. stuff you throw away:
Garbage or trash; I think I'd use the latter more frequently, but not much

7. the wheeled conveyance you put your groceries in while shopping:
Shopping cart

8. a shallow pan for frying eggs or meat:
Frying pan, sometimes skillet

9. a piece of chocolate, 4-6 inches long:
Candy bar

10. a carbonated, non-alcoholic beverage, like Coke or Sprite:

11. cooking outside over a charcoal grill in the summertime:

12. a cold sandwich on a foot-long roll:
Sub (although, oddly, never a "submarine" sandwich)

13. the sweet, creamy layer on top of a cake:
I use either frosting or icing; they refer to two different things. Frosting
is the creamy layer; icing is the more gel-like stuff, used for decoration

14. your main evening meal:

15. food picked up and taken home to eat:

16. an appliance on which you heat food in saucepans:

17. knives, forks, and spoons:

18. contact someone by telephone:

19. the toilet facilities in a public place:
Generally bathroom, although occasionally I will use "restroom" if I want to
be (even) more euphemistic and formal about it.

20. athletic shoes worn with jeans as casual footwear:

21. a sweatshirt with front pockets and a hood:

22. a piece of furniture that seats 3 people:
Couch mostly, although sometimes sofa.

23. a piece of furniture with drawers for socks, underwear, etc.:

24. the last letter of the alphabet:

25. the place where you pay for something in a store:
Cash register