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[YAEUT] Lexical variation survey

From:Kelly Drinkwater <mizunomi@...>
Date:Sunday, May 4, 2008, 17:41
Hey all,
I'm conducting a quick survey on lexical variation for my intro ling
class, and I thought it would be interesting to survey conlangers, to
see if being a language enthusiast / very conscious of language has
any effect.

I would really appreciate your help here -- it'll only take a few
minutes. And rest assured that your data will be anonymized.

So it would be great if you could reply (and reply-all if you feel
like it, but I don't want to swamp the list with people's filled-out
surveys) and fill out the following. (I'll post any noteworthy results
for further discussion if there's interest.)

(adapted from the McGill Dialectology and Sociolinguistics Lab's
"North American Regional Vocabulary Survey")

Date of birth:
Where do you currently live? (city, state/province, country)
Please list the places you've lived between age 4 and age 18, with the
most recent first:
Highest level of education completed:
Ethnic heritage:

What is/are your native language(s)?

Roughly how many years have you been conlanging or studying linguistics?

How many years ago did you first encounter / begin reading (not
necessarily join / begin posting on) an online conlanging community?

For each of the following items, please choose which word you use most
often, or put the word you do use if it's not a choice. Feel free to
leave comments if some aspect of your usage is noteworthy (eg if you

1. the metal device over a sink or bathtub that controls the flow of water:
faucet, spigot, tap

2. the apparatus from which you'd get a drink of water in a public place:
bubbler, drinking fountain, water fountain

3. the device that firefighters attach their hoses to:
fire hydrant, fire plug

4. the container in which you'd put water for washing the car or the floor:
bucket, pail

5. a machine that performs banking services:
ATM, automated teller, bank machine, cash machine, cash point,
guichet, hole in the wall, money machine, commercial name (eg MAC
machine, Instant Teller, Instabank)

6. stuff you throw away:
garbage, rubbish, trash

7. the wheeled conveyance you put your groceries in while shopping:
basket, buggy, cart, trolley

8. a shallow pan for frying eggs or meat:
fry pan, frying pan, griddle, skillet, spider

9. a piece of chocolate, 4-6 inches long:
bar, candy bar, chocolate bar

10. a carbonated, non-alcoholic beverage, like Coke or Sprite:
coke, cola, cold drink, fizzy drink, pop, soda, soda pop, soft drink, tonic

11. cooking outside over a charcoal grill in the summertime:
barbecuing, grilling, grilling out, having a cookout

12. a cold sandwich on a foot-long roll:
sub(marine), hero, hoagie, grinder

13. the sweet, creamy layer on top of a cake:
frosting, icing

14. your main evening meal:
dinner, supper

15. food picked up and taken home to eat:
carry-out, take-away, take-out

16. an appliance on which you heat food in saucepans:
cooker, range, stove

17. knives, forks, and spoons:
cutlery, flatware, silverware, utensils

18. contact someone by telephone:
call, phone, ring, telephone, buzz

19. the toilet facilities in a public place:
bathroom, facilities, ladies' room / men's room, lavatory, loo,
restroom, toilet, washroom, WC, john

20. athletic shoes worn with jeans as casual footwear:
gym shoes, plimsolls, runners, running shoes, sneakers, tennis shoes,
trainers, brand name (eg Adidas)

21. a sweatshirt with front pockets and a hood:
hooded sweatshirt, hoodie, kangaroo jacket, bunnyhug

22. a piece of furniture that seats 3 people:
couch, chesterfield, davenport, divan, settee, sofa

23. a piece of furniture with drawers for socks, underwear, etc.:
bureau, chest (of drawers), drawers, dresser, highboy

24. the last letter of the alphabet:
zed, zee

25. the place where you pay for something in a store:
cash, cash register, cashier, check-out, till

Thanks so much for participating!


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