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Re: Minority groups in Hungary

From:Tamás Racskó <tracsko@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 23, 2004, 14:08
On 22 Jun 2004 John Cowan <cowan@CC...> wrote:

> I suppose I'm a bit surprised because in countries of immigration it > seems to be more typical to keep the ethnic identity even after losing > the language.
I think we must consider the "double identity". If you may mark just one ethnic group on the census sheet, you must decide that you are belong to group X or Y. Therefore people with double identity must rank their identity. The other consideration is that in this area of the world "nationality" means two different things: both the political and the ethnical nation. Usually these two definitions are contaminated and it is hard to distinguish between them for an average individual. My family members who identify themselves as Hungarians do feel their Slovak traditions, use the language, eat the traditional dishes, sing the traditional folk songs, etc. But when these questions reach the "political" level, e.g. the problems between the actual Hungarian and Slovak state, they are on the Hungarian side. It seems to be an actualization of the ancient principle "cuius regio eius religio", i.e. "cuius regio eius natio". If you are interested in the status of the Hungarian ethnic groups in more detail, I uploaded a report from 1997 on the minorities of my present abode Szeged to the address <>.


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