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A sketch of Old Albic

From:Barbara Barrett <barbarabarrett@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 22, 2004, 12:34
>Jörg Jotted; >This is my 400th post to CONLANG; and I think this jubilee ought to be >celebrated. Thus, I present you a sketch of my current main conlang, >Old Albic. <snip> >Old Albic (OA) is the oldest Albic language attested in writing. >The language was spoken in southern Britain prior to the Celtic >invasions. This sketch describes the classical language as >it was spoken and written in the heyday of the Albic civilization >in the 6th century BC. The native term for the standard language >is _Tañ Tach (Is Elbis)_, "proper language (of the Elves)".
Barbara Bubbles; Wonderful stuff Jörg! I really enjoy this type of post and the insight it gives. Your paragraph about the conculture has me wishing you'd provide more information about the Albic civilisation. How do the culture and language intermesh for example? Barbara