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Re: Proverb exercise [was Re: Gaelic thing]

From:agricola <agricola@...>
Date:Saturday, July 13, 2002, 0:32
> >>> CENEDL HEB IAITH, CENEDL HEB GALON > >> > >>> A nation without a language [is]A nation without a heart.
Kerno: " 'na nacio san yn gante yn nacio san yn gorze " is the direct way. A more thoughtful version is: " 'na nacio cun yn gante yn nacio cun yn gorze. duranz que durea! " This latter is heard more frequently amongst academia since this past spring's publication of "Ystatus le Cante" (St. Perran's, 2002). The dialect boundary has shifted to the West by some 25mi over the last half century since the last "Ystatus" was published (St. P's, 1942). The Kerno-Brithenig/Paesan la Prowenc border now runs in a NW to SE line about 20 miles east of Esca. Many people have taken to calling their variety of Brithenig "Kernou Brou", or Kerno of the Province. This certainly miffs many, but there's not much that can be done. Approximately 70% of the Province speaks Brithenig (after a fashion); though three of the four regions that constitute the Executive of the Provincial government represent the remaining 30%. This is increasingly the cause of tensions, as the official language of government is Kerno, though the greater majority have only a tenuous to moderate grasp of this language. Of the other related languages, Dewro is rapidly failing (and has been for a century). It is now largely spoken only at home, though is losing in favour of Kerno (west and south) and Brithenig. Domanu has been declared dead (with the last speaker dying in 1998); Scillic and Lundic have long been dead ( last known Scillic speaker died in 1912). Alas for the bright hope of of the nation a century ago! -- that the whole Province would soon reclaim its linguistic heritage after centuries of repression. It is estimated in "Ystatus" that sometime between 2010 and 2030 Kerno will be spoken only in the West and in a few islands through the rest of the Province, mostly along the southern coast. Ironically, Kerno is strongest in el Brous (Britanny); and they have no problems at all in proudly flicking their noses at the French, saying: "en nacio sen en qant en nacio sen en qour!" It is also thriving in America and Australasia. Padraic.