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Matein Einlich - The North Wind And The Sun

From:Pascal A. Kramm <pkramm@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 8, 2005, 23:51
  Matein Einlich (Modern English)
  The North Wind And The Sun

Neut feint-i en shan-i einit teishfuts ujsh ut pi shtrana, fin tsefila it
kham elan it uref feum khleukh-ni. Eshet it ekrei tets chu un-i it shakheit
tsu meikh tsefila-ti teukh af asa-chi khleukh ul pi khansheita shtrana ten

Tin neut feint-i it pleu es chaut es chi it khen, pats ti meu chi it pleu,
ti meu khleush tsefila-ti seult asa-chi khleukh erafent chi; en ets lausht
neut feint-i it keif af etimt-i.

Tin shan-i chein aft feum, en eimitjits tsefila-i teukh af asa-chi khleukh.
En sha neut feint-i itfo aplish tsa khansish tets shan-i it pi shtrana-ti af


The north wind and the sun were disputing which would be stronger, when a
traveller came along wrapped in a warm cloak. They agreed that who first
succeeded to make the traveller take off his cloak will be considered
stronger than the other.

Then the north wind blew as hard as he could, but the more he blew, the more
closely the traveller folded his cloak around him; and at last the north
wind gave up the attempt.

Then the sun shone out warmly, and immediately the traveller took off his
cloak. And so the north wind was obliged to confess that the sun was the
stronger of them.

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