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Re: Hi, I'm a new guy... not in the face!

From:Hiro M. <hiro_m_2k@...>
Date:Saturday, December 29, 2001, 0:51
Okay, I'm kinda getting what you're saying, but then,
in some ways, I'm kinda not. I am new at this. *smiles

What I think I'm gonna do is have words of, at most,
four syllables, not counting the "end-of-syllable"
add-ons (ng and k) which are like the "n" in Japanese.
Words can be made longer by the use of a
"word-joining" symbol, which will basically look like
a plus sign, only with the vertical line longer than
the horizontal (or vice-versa if you're writing it

Does that work, or would another way seem more

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