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Re: New Conlang: Terkunan

From:Christian Köttl <christian.koettl@...>
Date:Friday, March 2, 2007, 18:28
I just read the Paternoster aloud, and have to say that I appreciate
the sound of Terkunan. I think it could lend itself well to
melancholic or romantic songs. (Of course, every language can be used
for any kind of emotion, but still.)

I was a bit reminded of Swiss Rumantsch. I can't put my finger on the
reason and didn't have any time to look it up. More later on.

>And here's the first text: > > Mis Patre [mIs 'patre] > > Mis patre, k'es n'kels, [mIs 'patre 'kes N=kEls] > Es bendika tu nombre. ['es bEn'dika tu 'nOmbre] > Vena tu ringle. ['vena tu 'rINgle] > Es fika tu volat, ['es 'fika tu vo'lat] > Komu n'kel si n'ter. ['komuN kEl sin tEr] > Odiu dar a mis le mis pan ['odju da ra mIs le mIs pan > pe katu di. pe 'katu di] > I perdonar a mis le mis devats, [i pEr'dona ra mIs le mIs de'vats] > Si komu mis perdonar ils a [si 'komu mIs pEr'dona rIl sa > mis devators. mIs de'vatOrs] > I no nduka mis n'tentasion, [i nOn 'duka mIs n=tEnta'sjOn] > Ma libera mis de mal. [ma li'bera mIs de mal] > Ka de tu es ringle i pot i glori, [ka de tu es 'rINgle i pOt i 'glori] > In eterne, [In e'tErne] > Amin. [a'mIn] > >What do you think? > > **Henrik