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Re: A weird answer (was: a weird question...)

From:alypius <krazyal@...>
Date:Sunday, September 19, 1999, 18:02
>> > I made up words for a theoretical conlang (just making up words at >random), >> > and came up with this once: >> > >> > I invented the word _kanzi_ for 'girl, young woman, maiden' -- and it >turns >> > out the word for 'unmarried woman' in Malayalam is _kan"n"i_ (n" = >alveolar >> > n). Also, I came up with the expletive _chort_ "bloody hell, etc.", >which >> > happens to be the Russian word for 'devil'. I also came up with _kane_ >> > 'dog' (compare Italian _cane_), but I think I was influenced on that >one >> > somewheres... >> > >> > This is just a few instances of some conincidences. What would be a >good >> > word for this phenomenon? >> > >> >> Maybe an interference of the collective conscience of humanity >:), or a >> manifestation of a psychic power of yours :). No, "deja verb" is already >> a very good name for that phenomenon :). Are you sure you didn't know >> those words (except for 'cane') before ? Because in that case it would >> be simply an inconscious influence. If not, maybe you're psychic gifted >> :) . >> >> > Danny >> > >Or maybe it is just coincidence. A nice example of coincidence: the Basque >word 'elkar' means 'elkaar' in Dutch.
Are you familiar with various Protestant sects that teach the docrine of "British Israelism" or "Anglo-Israelism," the teaching that the Brits are descendents of the 10 "lost" tribes of Israel? Among other evidence, they claim that "Saxons" is derived from "[I]saac's sons" and that Brit-ish is from a Hebrew phrase (b'rith + ish) meaning "covenant man." Anyone who has a superficial acquaintance with linguistics, history, and anthropology realizes this must be a coincidence, however surprising, but that still leaves a large reservoir of potential converts. In your particular case, here's my theory: pychic powers plus subconcious obsessions with kanzi's, chort's, and unclean animals--obviously, you're a witch! Somebody fetch some firewood! ~alypius