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IB: Chumash placenames

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Saturday, September 27, 2003, 11:36
Since this has relevance to both conlang and conculture it's going to both.

I've been reading up on what i can find of Chumash (or the various
languages/dialects grouped under Chumash), and a lot of the names i had
taken for granted as being possibly Spanish or something else are actually
derived from the Chumash place names.

The Chumash indians are a group of indians of California who stretched
from roughly a bit north of San Luis Obispo to Malibu. They even lived out
on the Channel Islands.

So, here's some of their place names on the left followed by
pronunciations in SAMPA ASCII with their equivalents in IB in the center
and the equivalents here on the right.

kashtïq /kaSt1q/ Caxtic Castaic Lake: "the eye, the face"

humaliwo /humaliwo/ Humaliuo Malibu: "Where the surf sounds" (fitting)

'awhay /?awhaj/ Auhai Ojai: "Moon"

lompo' /lompo?/ Lompo Lompoc: "In the cheeks" or "Stagnant water"

kuyam /kuyam/ Cuyam Cuyama: "To rest, wait"

simi'i /simi?i/ Simihi Simi

xalam /xalam/ Calam Jalama: "bundle"

nipumu' /nipumu?/ Nipumo Nipomo:"Village" or "At the promontory"

pismu' /pismu?/ Pismo Pismo: "Tar" (there are oil wells off the coast not
too far from here)

limuw /limuw/ Limu Santa Cruz Island

wima' /wima?/ Uima Santa Rosa Island

tuqan /tuqan/ Tucan San Miguel Island

sisqwa' /sisqwa?/ Siscua Sisquoc River

'anyapax /?anjapax/ Aniapac Anacapa Island: "Mirage, Illusion"

mat'ilha /mat?ilha/ Matilha Matilija (this is the name of Romneya
Coulteri, Matilija Poppy): "Division"

sa'aqtik'oy /sa?aqtik?oj/ Sactikoi Saticoy: "it is sheltered from the wind"

The Montreiano versions are a bit "truer". Of course since the Chumash in
IB are a lot more populous today, the place names are written in both
Chumash and in their Montreiano versions.

the above info was obtained from: