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Mangling "Bleackley"

From:Andreas Johansson <andjo@...>
Date:Saturday, September 27, 2003, 11:14
I'm not sure exactly how "Bleackley" is supposed to be pronounced, but assuming
['bli:kli] or similar, here's some possible adaptions into various conlangs of

Tairezazh: _Blikli_
Long vowels before consonant clusters is a no-no, but otherwise the language's
pretty tolerant. Note that it will look pretty foreign - polysyllables in -i
are normally sg genitives.

Steienzh: _Blikle_
Similar to Tairezazh, except schwaifices unstressed vowels pretty

Altaii: _Belikeli_ ?? _Belikil_ ??
The first suggestion just kills the illegal clusters, but unfortunately forces
the stress to be on the second "e". The later keeps the stress on the right
syllable while sacrificing the integrity of the last syllable.

Yargish: _Drikri_ or _Virikri_
What's a lateral? What's a bilabial?

Meghean: _Blicli_ or _Blichli_
The former would probably cause nativer speakers no trouble, but for historical
reasons no native word has that shape, so the later would tend to feel more
natural. ("c"=[k], "ch"=[x] here.)



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