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Parallel Universe (was: Boreanesian Belief System (was: Re: Constructed Religions)

From:Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...>
Date:Sunday, January 3, 1999, 21:53
I wrote once:
-----<snip brief description of Boreanesian religion>-----
> >COSMOLOGY >The fundamental belief of Boreanesians is that the universe (and
>other parallel universes) is one of a rhythm/cycle that has no >beginning and no end. This rhythm/cycle is called the 'Pulse of >Nature' and is equated with various cycles in nature, such as >life/death, the seasons, the lunar cycle, the menstrual cycle, the >24hr day, the heartbeat, etc.. Everything around us is affected by >this Pulse just like everything is affected by time. Even the life >and death of the universe is affected by the Pulse of Nature such >that a parallel universe existed before ours and another existed >before that. In turn, a new one will be created when ours dies and >another will be created when the new one dies. This life and death >cycle of different parallel universes is called the "Cosmic Cycle". >
I just thought of something after rereading this and the recent posts about parallel universes. The universe which Boreanesia exists in could be one of the other universe that will exist after our own "Cosmic Cycle" is complete. Or perhaps it already existed and its own "Cosmic Cycle" is complete. I think this latter is more likely being that I somehow know things about Boreanesia. How would I otherwise know these things if it didn't already exist? I must be a remnant of the previous Cosmic Cycle - In Boreanesian terms, I could say that the "Fire" and "Water" in me never completed its cycle of detachment/attachment in the previous Cosmic Cycle. Hey, perhaps I'm an immortal across various Cosmic Cycles!! Perhaps all conlangers who create conlangs by "consulting" a parallel universe are immortals across Cosmic Cycles!! We're all Gods across Cosmic Cycles!! Whoa - DEEP!! Oh well, just thought I'd share that. Regards, -Kristian