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Translation Question For Latin

From:Arek Bellagio <zadar@...>
Date:Monday, January 4, 1999, 2:29

I'm starting a story/novel, and its premise is probably going to be pretty
dark and secretive.
I need some help from those of you out there who are fluent in Latin (or can
easily translate) to give me help with the following titles I've been

Conspiracy Of Attack
Accomplises Of Conspiracy
Behind Closed Doors
Multi-Faceted Plan
Multi-Faceted Lie

By Plan and By Weapons
(I think this one is Consilio Et Armis.. am I right?)

I'm hoping that the translations will hint some evil or secretiveness.. or
something like that.

if you'd like to help more, could anyone suggest some Latin proverbs or
translations that hint conspiracy or some sort of dark plan.

I'm sorry that this doesn't relate much to conlanging, but I've searched
quite awhile for a type of Latin translator and all that I've found deals
with Latin to English (and not vice-versa) and that doesn't get me very far.

Thanks in advance for whatever help you can give!

In conclusion,
~Arek  -

....Zefir siela al noktu an, subrondeo: desur sola mis laramissos dusondan?....

- Amao vas.