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Re: Chickenese - natlang or artlang?

From:andrew <hobbit@...>
Date:Sunday, July 2, 2006, 2:45
On Sunday 02 July 2006 07:01, Paul Joseph Schleitwiler, FCM wrote:
I note the author is Damon Lord.  He is sometimes active in the shared
world project Ill Bethisad, the creator of the Anglo-Celtic conlang
Wessish.  There is a link for Chickenese at .
The Wessish page on Chickenese notes that "This is for fun."

In which case I believe he is not Canadian but Welsh (bok, ach).  The
editorial states that this is a special Canadian Edition of Speculative
Grammarian in honour of July 1, Canada Day.  Footnote 1 adds that is is
"a fact which several Canadians are aware of and which almost no one
else in the entire world cares about/aboot".

My research suggests that it is a conlang and Not To Be Taken Seriously.

- andrew.

> --- In, Yahya Abdal-Aziz <yahya@...> wrote: > " ... The latest issue of Speculative Grammarian ("SpecGram") > includes a grammatical sketch of Chickenese. See: > > Although it is > described as if it were a natlang, I am almost > convinced that it is, in fact, a conlang. Personally, I suspect that > the author may be simply "feeding the chooks" ... > Opinions?" > Yahya > "PS ... While you're there, try out the new "LingDoKu II" - it's > fun!" YA > > While the author is apparently Canadian, Canadian Chickenese is not > mentioned, (Canadian Chickens say "B'K, eh?" cf. Canadian Geeses' > "Honk, eh?"), nor other dialects or languages in the Chickenese > family. For example, the South Georgian Redneck's "y'all come BAAK', > y'hear!" or the East Tennessee Mountain Roughneck's > "lukluklukwhutAHdid!". > As well as other concepts/constructions such as "ku/kuru/KUku" which > has been recorded in several countries. > > The 'sketch' is indeed just a sketch. Probably conducted in only one > henhouse or barnyard. A case of rushing to publish with incomplete > research in order to claim primacy in the field. > > Que Dios te bendiga de siempre y de todas maneras, > Paul
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